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Fitness trainer in Ljubljana

Ivan Vlasov
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Fitness Trainer in Ljubljana

Ivan Vlasov
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My name is Ivan Vlasov, and I am a fitness trainer. I have been involved in the fitness industry for about 15 years, gaining significant knowledge and experience in this field.

I work in Ljubljana, Slovenia and also provide online consultations.

My approach is based on scientific data and practical knowledge in the fields of physiology, nutrition, sports, and some aspects of medicine.

Personal Fitness Trainer in Ljubljana - Ivan Vlasov

In the face-to-face format, I provide support for the training process, giving personalized guidance and recommendations regarding workout nuances, nutrition and supplements.

This allows achieving goals related to physical fitness, health optimization, and vitality.

Personal Area

For the convenience of you, my team members, I have created a personal area where you can access individualized manuals.

Personal area may include your meal plan, dietary recommendations, and instructions on food supplements, along with other information relevant to your individual strategy.

In personal area, information is presented in a user-friendly and well-structured format. You can have a look at how it appears in the demonstration video below.

Demo Video of Personal Area

Contact Information

Ivan Vlasov
Ivan Vlasov comment

If you have any questions, I am ready to provide comprehensive answers. To do this, direct your inquiries to my Instagram or leave a message in Telegram.

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Fitness coaching in Ljubljana

The development of a personalized strategy is based on the client's goals, capabilities, and individual parameters.

Psycho-emotional State

Stability of the psycho-emotional state and a positive mood are essential aspects of my work with clients.

As a competitive athlete, I understand that excessive physical exertion and drastic dietary restrictions can have a strong negative impact on the psycho-emotional state.

Potentially, a depressed state can reduce the effectiveness of the entire set of mesures.

The adequacy of the trainer towards the client and consistency in the approach to workout intensity and dietary interventions are the key to effective work in the long term!

Organization of Training Process

Genetic factors and individual characteristics are aspects that determine the body's response to physical activity.

Ivan Vlasov
Ivan Vlasov comment

I take into account the client's goals, age, physical fitness level, injuries, illnesses, contraindications, and other factors when organizing the training process.

Additionally, in planning and implementing the workout process, I use various techniques and types of training to optimize the client's progress in terms of improving physical fitness.

Development of Diet Plan

Nutrition is a key tool for achieving sports results.

No matter what your goal is - reducing body fat, gaining muscle mass, improving functional components, or optimizing body composition — nutrition always plays a crucial role!

I offer a choice of two fundamentally different diet organization models:

  1. Carbohydrate Model This diet model is based on carbohydrates as the primary source of energy.
  2. High-Fat Model This diet model involves obtaining a significant portion of energy from dietary fats.

After discussing your goals, lifestyle, preferences, and other individual aspects, I am ready to provide well-founded advice and recommendations regarding the choice of a particular dietary plan. However, the final choice is always yours.

Recommendations on Food Supplements

Dietary interventions combined with the use of bioactive supplements not only enhance the effectiveness of the strategy but also positively influence certain aspects related to health.

A well-structured nutritional support can improve hair and skin condition, digestion, sleep, and, as a result, enhance overall well-being, provide energy, and optimize the body's resources as a whole.

As a fitness trainer, I also offer recommendations on the use of food supplements, such as sports nutrition, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, etc.

To sign up for fitness training in Ljubljana, please use the contact information.

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